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 Tutoring Services, LLC agency is Looking for college level physics tutor, urgently. Please submit your best hourly tutoring rate. This is a home tutoring opportunity for qualified candidate, submit your resume.
Send your resume at info@callmytutor.com


Please visit : fairfieldtutor.com/about-us , for more information.



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Tutoring Services, LLC is looking for  math tutor
to provide tutoring lessons for math middle school 
student looking for help in Basic Math. Tutor must know
math patterns and be able to work independently.




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Tutoring Services, LLC is looking for AP calc tutor in Wilton CT, to help high school student in Wilton CT
with mathematics. Apply  today tutoring needed on Saturday, submit your best hourly rate and resume.

Please send us your resume

To apply Visit FairfieldTutor.com/About-US to view more info and send your resume to info@callmytutor.com

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Math AP PreCalc Teaching Job Available, looking for instructor to tutor High School 17 Years Old Student for AP Pre-Calc 41 in Fairfield CT

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Location: Fairfield,CT
Hourly Rate Range: $60-$70

Please send us your resume!

To apply Visit FairfieldTutor.com/About-US to view more info and send your resume to info@callmytutor.com

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Looking for a 5th grade math tutor (Westport CT)

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Tutoring Services, LLC agency is looking for a 5th grade math tutor in Westport CT to start tutoring couple of hours per week in Westport CT Student wanting to start ASAP.

Want to show up on this page?


and many other pages? Automatically ? By registering in one place…..

If you answered yes, then register now on CallMyTutor.com

also please send me your resume.

Must be either subject matter expert or certified math teacher for the state of Connecticut
When responding please provide the following.

1. Resume
2. References & Background Check
3. Whether or not you offer discount packages
4. Completion of your profile on CallMyTutor.com

We charge lowest commission fee out of any tutoring agency in Westchester and Fairfield county, and allow tutors to register with us FREE of charge on CallMyTutor.com to advertise themselves on the network of tutoring sites, fully created and designed by NetworkConsultant.NET with one and only purpose.

To help Tutors get Jobs and provide high quality match making tutoring services for both tutors and students.

As a registered tutor

You can

offer free trial tutoring session
offer group tutoring sessions
create custom tutoring discount packages
create video introductory video about your self
create diagnostic tests and tutorials for students
Print your own Tutoring Business Card
register with your own hourly rate based on subject and grade level
upload your certificates and achievements for others to see
Get Raises after 50 hours and 100 hours of tutoring
upload timesheets for each hour spent tutoring
be advertised on the network of local tutoring sites in Westchester and Fairfield county

Make money Tutoring students
We do not force you into working only for us, like other agencies do!
We let you declare your own hourly rate, declare your own hours, your own discount packages.

do not like any of that? do not want to pay tutoring Agency commission fee? No worries register on our sister site TutoringServices.com as independent tutor! No commission fees applied, simply advertise your self and wait for students to message you that is it. Want to pay commission fee and be in our system?

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Looking for SAT/ACT Tutor (Norwalk CT)

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Tutoring Services, LLC is looking for SAT Tutor in Norwalk CT preferably certified math teacher. Declare your own hourly rate and offer your own discount packages, be your own boss and work as independent contractor. Register with us and get students delivered directly to you for a small commission fee. When declaring your own rate, keep the following factors in mind.Today we are looking for SAT Tutor tomorrow it may be for a different subject. Don’t wait before it’s 2 late. Registration spots are limited to only selected number of tutors who apply.1. If rate is 2 high you may not be contacted by students, (hence when declaring rate ensure that you do so reasonably)
2. You can declare your hourly rate based on grade level, i.e for elementary level you can charge less as oppose 2 high school or college for example.

Here is how we are better then any other Tutoring Agency in Westchester or Fairfield County.

1. We offer tutors choice to register either based on commission or as independent tutor or both.

2. We do not limit you from working for other agencies.
3. You can reuse your background check that you have with us without the need of purchasing the background check all over.
4. You are more likely to be contacted by students then any other agency due to our propitiatory network of hub and spoke sites interconnected to various educational portals fully powered and owned by Tutoring Services, LLC and specifically engineered 2 bring students.
5. Your can differentiate your self from other tutors by creating customized profile with business cards, teaching credentials info, diplomas, certifications, practice diagnostic tests, tutorials, introductory videos of your self plus more. 
6. The more you differentiate yourself the higher in search results you show up in compared 2 other tutors.
7. Due to the fact that we have only limited number of tutors you do not have to compete against 100s of other tutors like in other global agencies, and more likely to get students.
8. Create your own tutoring discount packages and offer them to students or do not offer them.
9. Offer or do not offer 1st free trial tutoring sessions.
10. Know how much you would get paid, how much agency would get paid.
11. Tutor online or tutor offline or both, and declare your own hourly rates for online tutoring or private home tutoring.
12. We offer free registration, but (limited to only individuals who act fast)
13. We are not just a match making agency we are educational company focusing on student needs in general and match making is only small portion of our business model.
14. We are not in horizontal direction where we offer match making for plumbers, pet providers, baby sitters or any of that, since we do not believe that the high quality tutor match can happen if the direction of the match making company is spread in out multiple directions. 
15. We are much more likely to receive student trust then, any other agency due to our unique set of attributes that make us different.1st We have a good name Tutoring Services, LLC
2nd We have social media presence example Facebook.com/MathTutor
3rd We focus exclusively on Westchester and Fairfield county and other minor areas of CT and NY
4th We review our tutors who register with us, their references their background check info and interview them.
5th We have by far larger network of tutoring sites then any other company in Westchester or Fairfield County, regardless if they are global or local.
6th We help save environment by going GREEN other tutoring agencies don’t do that, but we do we allow tutors and students make money selling college books to each other in schools to avoid expensive college bookstore fees, and allowing students to reuse their books.We require valid background check, you can still work for other agency and also register with us to receive students. Create your own Tutoring Profile, Create your own business card, create your own introductory video, get text and video testimonials and ratings from students, create practice tests, create tutorials, show up on entire Local Tutoring Network of Sites in search results and maximize your chances of making money.We are the only agency who charges the least amount of money in comparison to any other tutoring agency, commission wise in fact if you do not want to work for commission wise model, you can even register free on our sister site TutoringServices.COM to advertise your tutoring profile free of charge and get students that way. However by signing up with Tutoring Services, LLC on CallMyTutor.COM you can get higher chances of landing student assignment for the minimum agency fee especially if you live in Fairfield or Westchester county, our agency fee is on avg between 15 to 25% compare that 2 other agencies who charge more. The reason why we charge so little is because we have developed business strategies to help us afford doing so without ripping off honest working teachers or subject matter experts.

Interested? Register on CallMyTutor.COM

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Tips on Getting the Much Needed English Tutors

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Want to learn English language via internet but can’t find a good English tutor online? Don’t worry! This article highlights some useful tips that will surely help you in finding the much needed English tutors online.

Always hire an English tutor who offers one-to-one English teaching programs. Make sure that your teaching program includes interaction with someone in English. If the online English tutor don’t offer you one-to-one English teaching program, it better to look for another English tutor.

Make sure that your online English tutor has a degree in English from a recognized university in addition to a diploma in teaching. Ask your English tutor to show the documentation of their qualifications. In case, your tutor or company refuses to give you the proof of their qualifications, try other English tutors.

The best way to find a reputable and much needed English tutor online depends on your skills to navigate the best options available to you. Make sure that your English tutoring website is user-friendly and offers you all the tools and facilities required to learn English online.

Before hiring an online English tutoring service, make sure that they are native to an English speaking country. Also, don’t forget to check their policies of hiring English tutors. Many online tutoring services boastful of native English teachers are not always reliable.

We are always providing you latest Samsung firmware for your Samsung android device. you can get here all the updated Samsung android firmware.

Always choose an online tutoring service that guarantees that its tutors are live in and are native to an English speaking country because only native English speakers have insights and experience that help you in speaking, reading and writing English in the correct way. So follow all these tips and you will surely find a qualified, experienced and much needed English tutor online!

Four Situations When Tutor Needed

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The purpose of online tutoring is to boost the learning capacity, develop skills and also support the students to perform well in exams. There are situations when students need an additional support but they don’t realize the need. Tutors needed by you to sharpen your skills and update your knowledge. Here are some ways to recognize the need of an online teacher-

  • Talk to your professor in order to address the exact issue. Question them if they assume tutors needed because you need special attention. Obtaining a tutor will clear up all complications, and resolve your doubts by discovering new ways to increasing your learning capability.
  • In fact, you will be provided high quality content from your internet teacher. Online teacher is conspicuous for latest and updated course material.
  • Sometimes you need an alternative component of a topic and an online tutoring is the best option to get it without incurring many bucks. Certainly, you’ll hire someone with excellent academic background and credential, which can provide help beyond the traditional way.
  • We all want to get special recognition from our teacher and that’s only possible by taking help of an internet teacher. Your tutor will make you score high in the exams and receive special attention from your tutor.
  • 24 x 7 support is another good thing that you will enjoy from online tutoring. You can access your session from anywhere anytime without any problem. You will just need an internet connection and computer.
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Online Tutors Needed For Effective Virtual Learning

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Online education system is gaining tremendous popularity over years. It provides a virtual-learning environment to the learners which offer a quick access to the information. In general, gadgets such as module, whiteboard, web cam, etc. are used to deliver lectures online. Tutors needed for independent learning, obtaining new knowledge, personality improvement and scoring high marks in exams.

Online tutoring is an integral part of e-learning and it allows both tutor and student to communicate over the net for making the process of learning easier for a particular course. An online tutor should have exception communication skills as they are teaching virtually not physically. Tutors needed who also have good technological knowledge, because as a teacher, they have to make a student understand all the concepts properly.

An online tutor should be aware of the different learning stages to understand the needs of the students. A step by step learning process helps a student to learn everything without any pressure and hassle. Some of the teachers share course material, notes, videos, etc. online to make the concepts clearer.

Right Tutors needed for Effective Learning Technique

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Work from Home as an online tutor has become one of the most rewarding career options. If you have a degree or teaching experience or have enough knowledge about any subject, you can start offering your own online tutoring services over the net. This blog will tell you what kind of tutors needed online and where to look for the online teaching jobs.

Online tutoring jobs fascinate everyone because of the flexibility and comfort it offers to both tutor and student. Online tutors should write their job description effectively. As everyone spend lots of time on the net and prefer this mode as it offers fats and reliable services. Online tutors needed for all the subjects whether it is math, chemistry, English or any other foreign language. It offers the scope for people who are highly dedicated to make a career for themselves and have a passion to share their knowledge to share with the students. If you have niche knowledge about a particular subject and want to serve a niche market only, you can get it online by joining any tutoring service provider’s website.

Subjects for which tutors needed nowadays are math and chemistry. Students search for such help to receive additional help and gain good gains in the exams. Students can easily access such services from any place any time because it doesn’t need anything except a computer and internet connection. Another factor is, every student has got a distinct set of skill and leaning power. In classroom, a standard teaching method is followed by the tutor to teach the entire student whereas you can get a personalized attention from your online tutor.